Fire Tags (bundles of 25)

Fire Tags (bundles of 25)

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Tags are $10 (non-members) $8 for members for a set of 25.

Sample Packs are $15 (non-members) and $13 for members.

Comply with state safety regulations using a Louisiana state fire extinguisher tag. These are bundles of 25 tags, each with a different purpose.

Quantity of 1 = 25, 2 = 50, etc.

GREEN - Certification Tags

  • Certification tags shall be green in color. Tags on portable fire extinguishers may be any color except blue, yellow or red.

BLUE - Service Tags

  • Service tags shall be blue in color.

YELLOW - Partial Impairment Tag

  • A partial impairment tag, to be yellow in color, which is to be used when minor deficiencies are found on the equipment or system. The partial impairment tag is in addition to the requirement of having a service tag and impairment tag.

RED - Impairment Tag

  • All firms shall have an impairment tag, to be red in color, which is to be used when major deficiencies are found on systems or equipment.

WHITE - Installation Tag

CLEAR POUCHES - Perfect for holding and securing your tags.


  • 5 of each: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Clear Pouches